Flight Club aerospace



Flight Club Aerospace is a group of young engineers, designers, and community organizers from various high schools around the San Francisco Bay Area. Throughout the past few months, Flight Club has been working to design and build an ultralight aircraft from scratch in compliance with the FAA's Part 103 specifications. Sparked by a spontaneous lunchtime proposition, Flight Club Aerospace quickly grew to a full-fledged project with fifteen dedicated team members. This upcoming Fall, we plan on becoming the first-ever student-led aerospace team to design and fly their own ultralight aircraft.


Not only do we hope to gain insight into the field of aerospace engineering and team management,  but we also hope to gain experience in reaching out to a multitude of local organizations and industry experts for professional and safety advice. With our newfound knowledge, we aim to pioneer student accessibility to an aerospace engineering curriculum, providing resources and knowledge to leave behind an educational legacy to help other students for years to come.


In addition to constructing an airplane, we will publish an engineering notebook detailing our design process, struggles, technical specifications, and drawings. We hope these resources can be useful references for any future students or aerospace enthusiasts looking to follow in our footsteps and take flight. For more information and weekly updates, check out our blog page.


Created by students for students, Flight Club Aerospace inspires and empowers creative individuals to pursue their passion for aviation. We will deliver an accessible curriculum centered around aircraft design that will hold a long-lasting educational impact and provide knowledge, community, and resources for the next generation.


​Flight Club Aerospace strives to create an ultralight aircraft while establishing a strong community where all members can challenge themselves to develop new skills and gain unique experiences. We aim to give back to the community through an accessible curriculum that fulfills our mission of fostering a passion for aerospace engineering.


  • Community

    • Give back to the field of aviation, and build a close-knit team in the process

  • Opportunity

    • Provide access to aerospace education and resources for individuals who otherwise would not have access to it

  • Innovation

    • Push the boundaries of ultralight aviation and create an all-in-one course to empower aspiring aerospace engineers

  • Vision

    • Develop technology to make aviation more sustainable and accessible



OCTOBER - 2019

Flight Club founded


Begin fundraising and design


Begin prototype construction


Construct final product


Begin preliminary research phase


Begin detailed design phase


Finish and test prototype


JUNE - 2020

Partner with a
fiscal sponsor


Hire educational consultant

MARCH - 2021

Finalize and promote ultralight design information hub


Connect with existing aerospace resources 


Begin creating ultralight design information hub