Flight Club Team


Teamwork is at the heart of Flight Club. Each of our fifteen dedicated team members participates in one or more subteams: design, physics, software, marketing, outreach, and admin. Flight Club is collectively run by the subteam leaders. While the administrative team oversees scheduling and other logistical details, everyone has an equal say in every decision, regardless of their position. By ensuring everyone feels heard, Flight Club cultivates communication, teamwork, and creativity, enabling us to work more efficiently and productively towards our goals.

Maya Ayoub


Hi, I’m Maya and I’m a member of the design team! I love building things and have always been interested in all things space-related so I’m super excited to be part of this project. I’m eager to learn more about aeronautics and efficient design. I'm thrilled to be working with all these passionate people to produce a working ultralight!

Isa Castillo

Design; outreach

My name is Isa Castillo, and I am a member of the design and outreach team. I am currently running the team's Instagram. When I first heard of this team, I was a bit hesitant to join, mostly because I didn’t have much experience with design or engineering. Thankfully, I stepped out of my comfort zone, and haven’t looked back since. This project has really pushed me and helped me grow as a person. One fun fact about me is that I’m terrified of heights, but have always loved the idea of flying!

Hubert Chen


Hi, my name is Hubert Chen, and I am a member of the design team. I joined this project because it was a great opportunity for me to work in a tight student community towards a common goal. Furthermore, this project fosters a great environment to gain technical and leadership skills. I am on a FIRST Robotics team at Burlingame High School, and I have had a great time working in that setting. This project seemed similar and fun, which was part of the reason I wanted to join.

Ryan Collier

Design; physics

My name is Ryan Collier, and I lead the physics team and am a member of the design team. I’ve always been a fan of learning how the world works through a physical and mathematical lens and find problem-solving especially fun. I have been fantasizing about personal flight machines for as long as I can remember, so when Ollie told me about his idea for the project I was immediately on board. Not only do I enjoy engineering but I’m also a bit of an adrenaline junky so I’ve volunteered myself as the test pilot. Surprisingly I didn’t have much competition for that role: something about it being "experimental" or a “flying coffin.” I don’t get it. 

Magnolia Finn

Outreach; Human Relations

Hey there! I’m Magnolia Finn, one of the outreach and fundraising members and also HR head. Honestly, just the idea of an ultralight aircraft was enough to make me say “count me in!” While I have very little experience in the engineering/mechanics/physics realm, I have worked in different leadership and management positions, and so naturally I found myself in the “good with people” section of the team. 

Matt Gibson


Heyo! I’m Matt and I love building things! I am a part of the design team. I’ve loved airplanes all my life and it is my dream to build one. Like many others, I dream of flying at night.

Ben Grant


Hello! My name is Ben, and I'm a member of the software team. After hearing about the project from a couple of friends who had gotten involved, I felt like I could either pester them incessantly about what they were working on or join them and see for myself. What I've been working on so far is infuriating in just the right way to keep me motivated, so I look forward to what is coming.

Alex Jones

Design; visual design

Hi, I’m Alex! I’m on the design and visual design teams. I decided to join Flight Club because one of the members asked me if I would like to take part in making an airplane. This piqued my interest because it’s not every day that you are able to build an actual aircraft. I am most excited to start building the aircraft over the summer and see how the final product turns out.

Ollie Krause

Admin; design

My name is Ollie Krause and I co-lead the admin and design teams and am a member of the physics team. I’ve always loved being able to translate my ideas into tangible products and wanted to create a project that would build upon what I’m learning in school as well as incorporate all of my friends. Now that Flight Club is in full swing, I feel fortunate to be able to work alongside my dedicated teammates who have taken on this project with dedication and ambition. Flight Club has just begun and I can’t wait to see what we will achieve throughout the course of this amazing project.

Rudy Lee

Admin; design

Hi, my name is Rudy Lee and I co-lead the admin and design teams. I have always loved building and design, all the way back to my Thomas the Tank Engine train sets and Lego building. I continue my passion for design today, with my woodshop in my garage, as well as in Flight Club. A fun fact about me is that I’ve gotten a set of architectural schematics accepted by the town of San Anselmo in order to legalize the selling of a house.

Colette Lipton

Visual design; treasurer; design; outreach

Hi, my name is Colette Lipton and I am the treasurer, the leader of the visual design team, a member of the design team, and a member of outreach. My whole life, I have been passionate about designing and building things. Ever since I can remember, I have been doing small model projects and working on cars with my dad. I’ve always loved the design and building processes associated with visual and mechanical projects and am so excited to be working on this project! 

Buddy Pendergast


My name is William Pendergast, but I go by Buddy. I am a member of the outreach team. I wanted to join this group to expand upon my organizational skills and human resource abilities. I am super excited to get this project off the ground (literally). 

Emily Sturman


Hi, I’m Emily, and I lead the software and electronics team. I’ve always been passionate about software, and I am super excited to use my knowledge to contribute to such a cool project. I have worked on various projects in the past, and I especially enjoy building apps and websites.

Keaton Zon

Design; visual design

Hi! My name is Keaton Zon, and I am a member of the visual design and potentially the design team. I wanted to join this team because I enjoy working alongside others to turn an idea into reality. From a young age, I’ve been passionate about mechanics and the design process, even to the point of building an electric go-kart. I have enjoyed challenging myself through projects and overcoming obstacles with math and CAD design. When I heard of this ambitious project, I was amazed by the amount of dedication. I had to join, and cannot wait to see what this team will accomplish!

Justin Tien-Smith

Design; outreach

My name is Justin Tien-Smith, and I am a member of the design and outreach teams. I wanted to join this project because I have a lot of fun imagining efficient and creative ways to solve problems. Some of my interests include architecture, mathematics, and woodworking. I am extremely excited to learn more about aircraft and flight through this project and can’t wait for the final product.